Weekly News #86

Jul 30, 2021

Weekly news, everyone!

Blueprint optimization

This week we were mostly focused on the blueprints.
We are working to speed up the blueprints, they are responsible for things such as NPC behavior, items icons in inventory, quick bar, etc. After optimization, the games should run more smoothly, and besides, that will get rid of some visual bugs. Also, we are adding more interactive blueprints, the small things like sitting in a chair and stone mining using pickaxe.

Fixed Bugs from testers

  • Naming fix: Driftwood Walley – Driftwood Valley
  • Ammo floating over boxes at Substation
  • Railroad track in tunnel 02 collision issue
  • Peach trees prison fence collision fixed
  • Parks Garage floating loot over shelf
  • Parks Garage cant pick up ammo
  • Can’t pick up ammo in the rail yard
  • Trenton harbor you get stuck trying to enter the downed chopper
  • Distance Texture Bug of some locations
  • Shootz gas station box between shelf
  • Police Station doors collision
  • Fixed some items descriptions
  • Dropped item, inventory is not available
  • Weapon can enter targeting during equip and unequip

That’s all for this week, until next week guys. 🙂