Weekly News #84

Jul 16, 2021

Weekly news are online. Here is what we have for You today.

Roads rewok

In Lost Region, there are two troubles, roads and fools. We are working on fixing one of the troubles, the roads. We are working on the roads rework. Reworking meshes, merging them so there will be no sudden road brakes, and simply make them more pretty. We will show some fragments once it is done.

Deep caves

As it was stated before, our level designer is working on the huge cave level, Using this hidden path you will be able to enter caves from one side of the map and get lost eventually, but with luck, you’ll exit on the other side of the map. Will it be faster than actual walking on the surface? Most likely not. Will it be safer? It depends, but still most likely not. Is walking through caves is a good idea? When it even was a good idea?

That’s all for today’s weekly, cya next week. 🙂