Weekly News #80

Jun 18, 2021

Another week has passed, and we are here to share some insights about game development.

Map improvements

Our level designer was playing Lost Region, and he was disappointed that he was not able to loot everywhere. Right now he is finishing the canyon, the purpose of these map upgrades is to ensure that players would be able to obtain the minimum amount of the loot. For better loot, you’ll need to scavenge more carefully.

New weapons system

We are building a new game-play mechanic that will affect multiple sides of the game. Right now our weapons are monolith type, sure you can put a scope on it, but the weapon itself couldn’t be disassembled for parts. We are planning to create a part-by-part weapon system, meaning that you’ll be able to change inner weapon parts including gun bolt, trigger, etc. This requires the attention of all of our 3D designers because weapons should be reworked, but the result should be astonishing. This will add more variability to already existing weapons.

Have a great weekend and until next time. 🙂