Weekly News #77

May 28, 2021

Weekly news is on guys. 🙂

New level. Bunker

I hope you noticed that surroundings look like post-soviet era, and what are soviets good at? Building hidden bunkers. Our level designer created a new hidden level, which might be hard to find, but is rewarding with juicy loot. Work is in progress, and right now, our level designer is working on the inner cave, then on the bunker entrance, and then on the bunker itself, so we’ll show you what he came up with in a few weeks.

Food rebalance. And food features
We’ve decided to remove the death penalty for not eating. And now it will provide you certain buffs if you ate something cooked, debuffs you ate something rotten or raw, and huge debuffs if you didn’t eat at all. So in terms of survival better to eat something than not eat at all. This will remove the annoyance of dying from starvation during fight or loot but still will remain crucial as a survival feature. 


And there are always fixes. Right now we are working on collision, to get rid of stuck-in-the-rock issues. This will take some time, but it is necessary.