Weekly News #76

May 24, 2021

Another week another weekly news. 🙂

Map upgrades

Our level designer can’t sleep unless he adds something or upgrades some level. This time upgrades are regarding mountains view.

UI upgrades and new features

We are working on the new UI as it was stated in previous weekly. The main goal is not just user-friendliness but also to show a lot of information in a convenient way. Since we have many status effects, we need to show player those effects, even though you could look and the status tab to see which status do what, we need to make understandable on the HUD as well. It takes a while because we need to make it as obvious as possible.

And due to the new feature adrenaline and other feature (which we will reveal once we have a demo of it), we need to upgrade the group tab. Simply speaking the work is ongoing and it will be awesome.

That’s all for todays’ weekly. Thanks for your support and see you next week 🙂