Weekly news #72

Apr 23, 2021

New craft method

The new craft method is finally finished and right now we are running tests to determine bugs. So what’s new? Now in order to craft an item, you need to actually craft using your precious time by holding a craft button. Workbench and handcraft will now take some time, not too long though. Also, we’ve added new sound effects for craft, to acknowledge the accomplishment of your work. Now you will not be able to craft 10 bandages in 2 seconds, so it is better to prepare for a fight in advance. Cooking will not require your full attention, just place ingredients you want to use and click cook.

New level

No matter what’s going on, even if our world will be at the edge of a terrible disaster, our level designer will still be making new locations for you. And this time it is a nice and pretty fire watchtower, a great place to stay, with decent shooting positions. And last but not least, great view.

Stay alive guys ;).