Weekly News #70

Apr 11, 2021

Weekly News! We lived another week, that’s great news!
Today’s topics

Effects and disease

We’ve been working on effects and status effects as it was told in previous weekly news. And we are nearly finished.

These effects will change some rules of survival. For example, jumping from the height will end with broken legs, which leads to much slower scavenging.
Rotten food will get you parasites, which will lead to more annoying hunger.
There are cures for all of the effects, so don’t worry you will have ways to get rid of them.

New teammates

With great pleasure, we announce that we have new teammates. One of them will be helping our level designer and working with animations. And another will provide us with new meshes and textures. They are new to game development but they are no strangers to games, which is the most important. We are glad we have them and hope to have productive and just awesome relationships. Welcome to the team!