Weekly News #67

Mar 29, 2021

Hello Friday, and hello to all the survivors.

Ability system update

We’ve told you that we are implementing a new ability system, and implementation is almost done. What’s left is:

1. Finish implementation.
2. Fix all the aftermath issues.
3. Test it.
4. Fix the issues that may come up.

We are very pleased with this new ability system it makes a lot of stuff more convenient for developers and players, and we are hoping that you will enjoy it as well.

New level

We already have warehouses, neighborhoods, factories, and a lot of other stuff. Our level-designer is tired of sitting at home due to quarantine and he decided to make himself a camp. Simple but awesome level, a place of meditation.

That’s all for today, we will keep you posted on behalf of the ability system and other features that we are preparing for the upcoming patch.

Thank YOU all for all the support. CYA next week 😉