Weekly News #65

Mar 17, 2021

Hello survivors, welcome to the weekly news.

Ability system and health care

We are working on the new ability system, which will open new horizons for character management and will also discover new gameplay elements.

Here is what we are working on:

We are working on the implementation of buff/debuff system and injury system. With this feature you will be able to boost your character to become more prepared for upcoming challenges and also those upcoming challenges may injure your character, you’ll need to handle those injuries. Some of the injuries are temporary, which means that they will end after some time. Some will be permanent until you will find a way to cure them. For example, a broken arm will greatly increase your fire spread. You can wait until your arm will be cured by itself, which can take some time. Or you can heal it, which is way quicker but requires some resources from you.

Along with buffs and debuffs temperature will become your ally or foe, depending on the situation.

That’s all for today, with each day Lost Region becomes greater in terms of fun and features. And it is all thanks for your support.

Stay frosty out there, or not depends on the situation. 😉