Weekly News #62

Feb 25, 2021

Greetings regioners, let’s get on to weekly news.


Here is the portion of the new UI that will come to the game with one of the upcoming patches. New UI is more convenient in many ways and looks much more representative. Besides our 2D designer is working on achievement icons. Can’t wait to kill 10 bears for the achievement right?

Level Design

New level is coming up as well. Our designer is sick and tired of dealing with collision, so now he wants to bring some new levels to explore. We will share the screenshots once he has something for us.

What’s next

We will run a test build of the game to make sure that we didn’t break anything and once we are sure that everything is OK we will share this build with the upcoming patch. Note that there may be multiple patches, all features may not be included in one patch.

Yet again thank you for your time. We appreciate your support. CYA in the next weekly.