Weekly News #60

Jan 28, 2021

Hello survivors. We are back with weekly news. So let’s not waste any time and go straight to the update.


We are continuing our work with sound design. In the upcoming patch, there will be more pew-pew, click-clack, and smash-bash sounds including footsteps, UI sounds, environment, etc. It will just the emersion level and also make nights scarier. So prepare yourself.

New craft system

We are finishing our work on the new craft system. Now it much more convenient and user-friendly. Besides along with items durability you will not have to waste the entire bottle of water to cook a soup, along with this new craft system items that have a durability state such as water can be combined, in a situation when you have two bottles of water that are 50% full ( I am the optimist) you will be able to make one bottle that will be 100% and one bottle that is entirely empty. Do not waste a drop.

Code Optimization

Our programmer is working on code optimization. It will get rid of some bugs and make some modules much stable, which overall will increase the game stability.

Yet again we want to say thanks for your support, with your help our game is becoming more awesome every day.