Weekly News #59

Jan 26, 2021

Hello, scavengers and survivors! As always a fast recap on what is going on with Lost Region.

New collision for cars

We’ve been testing new shooting sound in the arena that we’ve made precisely for testing and noticed that hiding behind the cars is actually OP because you don’t know where the bullet will hit. After this test, we’ve created a new car collision. Now it is far more accurate.

Glass destruction

On those tests that we’ve mentioned before we also found out that some of the glass will stop the bullet completely, so we decided to make it destructible and penetrable. So now fighting in the neighborhood will always come hand to hand with the sound of the broken glass.

Weather effects

We are currently working on weather effects, visuals along with mechanics, such as temperature, wind, etc. Weather will add some dynamics to the survival elements. For example, that broken glass will no longer keep the warm inside the house/room, and you will start to freeze. There is a lot of work to do with this feature, as soon as it will be ready we will add it to the game.