Weekly News #57

Jan 7, 2021

Hello to all who survived the Holidays. A quick recap of what we were doing during the Holidays.

The new sound engine has been implemented.

We have finished the implementation of the new sound engine. Our sound designer has started his work on new sounds. Some of the sounds will be reworked and some will be completely new.

Level improvements

As always the only person who doesn’t sleep is our level designer and he is continuing his work on level improvements. He is always revisiting old locations to improve them. Here are some of his recent work.

UX and UI improvements

Along with all that stated above, we are improving our UI, making it more understandable and easier to use. Work still in progress, because along with improvements, the new UI is coming.

We will keep you updated further on. And we hope that this year will bring you only good things. 🙂