Weekly News #56

Dec 31, 2020

Hello to all who survived this by all means “greatest” year.

First, a quick recap of what is going on.

New craft system

It is already working, all that is left is to finish some polishing. Once all is polished we will implement the exp gain system to unlock all of the craft recipes.

New sound engine

Next year we are moving to the new sound engine, new ambient tracks are coming as well, along with new sound in all areas, walking, shooting, crafting.

New craft items

Here are some of the assets that are already in the game for you to check out.

Last but not least

We, as a development team, wish you a Happy New Year, and we are hoping you will spend your holidays with maximum fun. Thanks to all the supporters and players who gave us feedback, it is allowing us to make things better. Hope we will see you next year. Cheers.