Weekly News #54

Dec 17, 2020

Hello guys, yet another weekly news about what’s going on and just a quick heads up to keep you on track.

Craft, loot, all that you like

We are working on the enhanced craft system. This system will allow You to upgrade crafted items and will make the craft more UI friendly and more versatile. As a bonus, we are also making the loot system more advanced. Aren’t you tired that closet with 4 shelves has only 1 inventory grid to loot? We are tired of it as well, with the new system you will be able to loot as much space as a certain item has.

Optimization and new stuff

Our 3D artist continues his work on the new items, and the game designer is working on the progression tree. And our level designer is working on the map optimization to get rid of annoying spikes during level loading.