Weekly News #53

Dec 15, 2020

Hello to all who survived.

Just a quick usual heads up.

We are continuing to work on optimization, with the upcoming patch, game will have much fewer freezes when you are approaching the location. Also, we are working on the craft list, and already testing some of the assets, we will bring it up to our testers once the preparations are done. There will be hand-made weapons, tools, and other cool stuff that you will be able to upgrade. So don’t throw away your old wooden stick, it might come in handy.

Besides all that stated above. New animations are on their way. It will be nice to sit in front of a warm burning barrel and tell your mate how bravely you were, running from a wolf.

We will continue to keep you on track and soon will share some of the screenshots.

And remember, if it sticks it can kill, eventual.

Best regards Lost Region team.