Dec 8, 2020

Hello guys, we’ve finished our work on another small patch, this patch mostly contains optimization features. We hope you will enjoy it.

What’s new:

  • Added equip option to craftable items that can be equipped.
  • Now you can’t run during eating or drinking.
  • “Item dropped” notification has been added.
  • Optimization:
    – Render bounds for huge levels were changed.
    – Render order of huge levels was optimized. Now it should load in the correct order.
    – Render distance of all levels was changed, now levels should not load in a crossfire, which should reduce the FPS drops.
  • Added console commands for server management.
    Console command list:
    /RconAuth Password – console command to log in to rcon (server only)
    /RconLogout – console command to logout from rcon (server only)
    /ChangeWorldTime 00 00 – console command to change day time (multiplayer and singleplayer)
    More commands will be added during the development.
    For console commands simply open chat and begin typing commands.
  • New locations:

    Block post


What’s fixed:

  • Fixed chat bug that caused game controls to freeze.
  • Fixed backpack dupe possibility.
  • Fixed flying car near Barracks.
  • Fixed item dupe upon split.
  • Fixed craft bug that will consume only one of needed ingredients