Weekly News #51

Nov 26, 2020

Hello Regioners,

Today’s weekly news will be more of the development dairy. So let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Recently we’ve finished our huge patch and right after the release, we’ve finished a smaller patch with some minor fixes.

Currently, we are working on the game environment and by the environment, we mean PVE part. In the upcoming patch which will come out next week, we will make wolves more noticeable and scarier. Also, the UX part of the game will become better.

  • New notifications, so that player will not miss anything important.
  • Kill log which will notify the players who killed whom.
  • Targeting system for a melee weapon, it will make aiming and hitting more convenient.
  • Tear option for items that are laying on the ground, you will not need the crate to do it anymore.
  • Few small locations will be added in the upcoming patch, for map diversity.
  • And of course bug fixes, the list of fixes will come with the patch note

We will try to make these small patches every 1-2 weeks depending on the patch load, according to your feedback.

Here is one of the small locations that will come up with the patch. 🙂

Special thanks to all the supporters, cheers.

Lost Region Team.