Nov 25, 2020

What’s new:

  • Added deer random encounter
  • Weapons have a chance to spawn with some ammo
  • Ammo clips now spawn with some ammo
  • Now player can select only one respawn bed
  • Trenton manor added ivy mesh
  • Revisited VAVA Gas Station Roof
  • Building preview now removes if you switch to another quickbar
  • Building preview now removes if you exit building mode
  • Interaction with crates and other stuff turned off during building mode
  • Weapons now automatically removes after you enter building mode
  • Updated camera position for easier targeting
  • Updated melee weapon animation, now it’s easier to hit targets, like wolves.
  • Wolves HP reduced
  • Increased time between random encounters
  • UI during “create new game” was updated

What’s fixed:

  • Fixed collision at Shootz Gas Station
  • Fixed craft UI size
  • Fixed collision of railing at fire watch tower
  • Fixed issue when progress bar stayed on screen if character died during eating/drinking/healing
  • Fixed crash that was caused by dropping weapon to clothes slot
  • Fixed issue when clothes was disappearing if you drop them between grid elements
  • Fixed issue when wolves stop attacking after they reach player
  • Fixed popping meshes at neighborhoods
  • Fixed main menu UI, now text should be displayed correctly
  • Fixed join failed message after you disconnect from server
  • Fixed issue when player was returning to same server after disconnect
  • Fixed inventory items had 0HP after cloth was equipped

Special thanks for bug reports to: Amme and minho8012