Patch is out!

Nov 20, 2020

Patch that completely changes the game mechanics and 75% discount.

Here is what we were doing all this time, hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

Please note that the game became slightly bigger. Previously it was 18 GB and now it is 36+ GB.

Also, create new save if you are using single player mod.

Now let’s get to the patch.


Weapon damage overhaul – We’ve made a big weapon damage overhaul, now weapons both melee and firearms are more deadly. It will allow You to save more ammo in Your pockets and will make the deadly gunfight even deadlier.

Weapon unload system – Now you can unload the weapon ammo clip and unload the ammo clips to get the ammo itself. More management, more opportunities to screw something up, and as a result more fun.

Food efficiency overhaul – We’ve made some changes to the food replenishment volume. For example, now after eating a piece of bread, you will not need to drink a bottle of water which equals higher chances of survival.

Items durability – You may notice a percentage bar under each item. If previously you were forced to drink the whole bottle of water, now you can drink that much as you want. It also applies to food and medicine items. Now when you find a piece of bread and beef can you will be comparing the outcome from each item. So 10% durability can of beef is much worse than 78% durability bread. Also you may give all that you didn’t finish eating to your squadmates, or maybe to bargain with wolfs (Don’t try it).

Garbage system – What are you doing with a bottle of water after you have drank all of it? Don’t throw it away, now you will be able to use it again. Refill it and you will have a brand new bottle of water. Keep the earth safe, don’t throw out the plastic bottle.

Map signs – Now you will see spots of interest on the map. If you didn’t discover it yet it will be shown as a question mark, once discovered, a new location will be marked on the map. Besides that, we’ve made the map retexture.

Location-based VoIP/Squad VoIP – Location-based VoIP will give you a great tool to coordinate with your friends or threaten the enemy. But be advised, if someone standing near, he will hear what are you saying to your team-mate, so perhaps it is a good time to invent your own language with your friends, that nobody will understand.

Squad system – Now you are able to invite your friend to the squad, which will allow You to keep on track of each other. It will provide you better coordination and combining with squad Vo-Ip you can act as a commando or at least hear the last words of your teammates.

The squad size is 4 players max and 2 players min.

New players list – We’ve added a new global player list, which will display all of the online players on a server. Through this players’ list, you will be able to see players’ names (Steam profile name), players’ nicknames (the in-game character name), players’ ping, and player lifetime (how long does this player staying alive, staying alive).

Also with this players list, you will be able to invite players to your squad. We will continue our work on improving the social system.

New inventory system – New inventory system will provide you better inventory management. Now you are able to rotate items and use the inventory space in a more efficient way. The inventory system is now greed-based and weight-based at the same time, which will make some resources even demanded and harder to get.

Stamina reduction and damage effects – Blood from damage and blur from critically low stamina level, besides that you will also breathe really fast, which might tell your chaser where you are.

Random encounters – Now there is no safe place in the Lost Region, besides maybe your base, which is also debatable. With the patch players’ have a chance to meet a friendly deer or a hostile wolf or mid-hostile wolves chasing mid-friendly deer or something more deadly.


New light system – We’ve implemented a new light system. Now the environment looks more alive and beautiful even during such dark times.

Global map overhaul – In addition to the new light system we’ve added new levels and overhauled the old ones.

New locations

  • New Big river
  • 2 big lakes
  • Swamp
  • Gas stations
  • Fire watchtower
  • Big settlement
  • Open switchgears
  • Barracks
  • Big caves
  • Radio station
  • Redesigned rail station
  • Trailer camp
  • Big construction yard
  • Some small locations


Dedicated server option – We’ve implemented the option to create your own dedicated server for the Lost Region. In the future we are planning to implement the steam mod tool, so you will be able to customize your game.

New server browser – with a new server browser it will be easier to find the server that suits You, and combining it with a dedicated server option and steam mod tool it will be quite handy.


Our game designer is working on the LORE of the Lost Region. It will come out with a quest and faction reputation patch. You will be able to find out what happened to the world of the Lost Region.

In the future you will be able to decide, how will the world recover after the apocalypse, if it will recover at all.

What will be next?

First of all, hotfixes for all that we didn’t take into account. Then, more new features will be added. Of course, You are who influence the development, so if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate and write to us.

Below you will see the fix list, for those who like to read sentences that start with Fixed.

Fix list

  • Fixed inventory of dropped items.
  • Fixed walking animation for weapons.
  • Fixed item dupe on player corpse looting.
  • Fixed pickup animation in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Saiga crash on unloading.
  • Fixed canvas collision at Supermarket.
  • Fixed collision of the crafted door frame.
  • Fixed light settings of the 1st floor of the Construction site.
  • Fixed sound effects at Supermarket and Swamp.
  • Fixed weird targeting with a cudgel or any other melee weapon.
  • Fixed when weapon stayed on back after unequipping or changing.
  • Fixed when weapon was changing module sizes after reload.
  • Fixed hole under the roar near Construction site.
  • Fixed flying tree at Rail Station.
  • Fixed flying rocks near Radar station.
  • Fixed world saves, now time and weather are saving both in single and multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue when player was able to use items multiply times.
  • Fixed icon rotation.
  • Fixed when there was no waste product after using food or water.
  • Fixed inventory bug with moving objects between each other.
  • Fixed weapon projectile replication.
  • Fixed strange light effects at the police station.
  • Fixed water duplication near neighborhoods
  • Fixed SCAR AIM.
  • Fixed AK AIM.
  • Fixed strange lights effects at police station.
  • Fixed water duplication near neighborhoods.
  • Fixed weapon projectile replication.
  • Fixed icon rotation.
  • Fixed when there was no waste product after using food or water.
  • Fixed inventory bug with moving objects between each other.
  • Fixed to loud tunnel sound.
  • Fixed unlootable crate at cave_01.
  • Fixed blocking tree in Tranton manor.
  • Fixed torchlight was too high.
  • Fixed collision in Driftwood valley.
  • Fixed issue of showing invalid interacting character name.
  • Fixed collision for broken light tower.
  • Fixed flying trash at the DW Substations.
  • Fixed flying concrete at the highest Radio tower.
  • Fixed flying bushes near the Gas Station.
  • Fixed washbasins size at Dam, it was too small.
  • Fixed material of rocks near False Trouble radar station.
  • Fixed weapon attach at first person.
  • Fixed items stack, they are now stacking on pickup.
  • Fixed loot that had no collision and was not able to pick up.
  • Fixed some loot was standing weird.
  • Fixed loot was floating in air after dropped from inventory.
  • Fixed issue when camera was switching from creation camera to lobby camera with delay.
  • Fixed issue when Tab was opening chat during loading screen.
  • Fixed decals in character creation.
  • Fixed map not showing icons.
  • Fixed issue when after character switch character received inventory from previous character.
  • Fixed inventory bug, when clothes were not showing in crate before we open inventory.
  • Fixed chat opening in single-player mode.
  • Fixed issue when it was possible to open pause during loading screen.
  • Fixed issue when character was naked after death.
  • Fixed issue with water pump, when it was showing no empty bottles message even if they were in inventory.
  • Fixed issue when it was not possible to use some items from inventory action panel.
  • Fixed issue when building was not removed from inventory after it was built.
  • Fixed campfire fuel consumption time.
  • Fixed stone oven now it can be built.
  • Fixed issue when it was possible to craft items if character has at least one required resource.
  • Fixed issue when craft was showing 0 required craft items that were previously added to inventory.
  • Fixed issue when it was possible to move during kick animation.
  • Fixed issue when refilling ammo was removing whole ammo box.
  • Fixed issue when large tent was dropping from inventory on quick bar slot drop.
  • Fixed issue when after closing and opening craft menu previous crafting recipes remain selected.
  • Fixed when player was able to heal, eat, or drink on 100% of stat.
  • Fixed issue when building preview stayed on scene after building built.
  • Fixed melee weapon animation.
  • Fixed issue with dragging non-clothes to clothes slot was causing crash.
  • Fixed crate issue when taking the item from the slot was blocking the slot.
  • Fixed crate issue when the player equipment list had no scroll bar.
  • Fixed issue with the character duplicating in the character preview.
  • Fixed issue with build menu over inventory on pressing b button.
  • Fixed issue when changing clothes in the crate was causing items loos.
  • Fixed respawn timer for loot item.
  • Fixed foliage looting.
  • Fixed Drop action.
  • Fixed collision for Shop Fridges at supermarket.
  • Fixed collision for Caves.
  • Fixed game options widget.
  • Fixed mouse arrow after return from options.
  • Fixed icon for 1911
  • Fixed hole in the tunnel near sewerage
  • Removed tree in one of the Foxy ranch houses
  • Increase vending machine size in the radio station
  • Fixed issue with squad data replication.
  • Fixed issue with player data in player list replication.
  • Fixed wrong location and health of squadmate after death.
  • Fixed X rotating inventory item instead of R.
  • Fixed replication of prone state.
  • Fixed critical crash on startup.
  • Fixed campfire still burns after fuel ended.
  • Fixed no building preview in multiplayer.
  • Fixed use animation replication.
  • Fixed crash on rock double click.
  • Fixed issue when 4th squad member was not showing on HUD.
  • Fixed rags 0 durability on item cut.
  • Fixed rags 0 status on item cut.
  • Fixed bug when character was resetting to default customization params after death.
  • Ris adapter camera fixed.
  • Fixed inventory duplication on character switch.
  • Fixed inventory slots 8,9,0 now they are working as expected.
  • Fixed missing ammo clip during reload from the empty weapon.
  • Fixed crouch pose with a melee weapon equipped.
  • Fixed crate window not closing and inventory window opening when player uses item from crate UI.
  • Fixed items garbage did not appear in inventory.
  • Fixed issue when crate widget slots num was reduced to num of previously used cloth slots.
  • Fixed weapon was unable to unload in hands if weapon was previously unloaded.
  • Removed blur effect on aim point and red dot.
  • Fixed animation for all broken melee weapons.
  • Fixed leaders now can promote squadmates to leaders.
  • Fixed leaders can now kick squadmates from the squad.
  • Fixed players that left the squad are no longer displayed in the squad UI.
  • Fixed glitches on Lootspots in Helicopter.
  • Fixed issue crate was not opening after the item was used while player was interacting with crate
  • Fixed replication for rock and bushes pickup animation.
  • Rocks collision fixed.
  • Fixed discovered locations were not saving.
  • Player list formatting fix.
  • Fixed item now get removed from the quick bar if it was consumed completely.
  • Fixed issue when torch stayed in hands after it was removed from inventory.
  • Fixed motel flying car.
  • Fixed fence wrong material at Large warehouses.
  • Auto service tile sticks out of walls fixed.
  • Fixed crash when NPC was causing crash during running.