Weekly news #49

Nov 10, 2020

Hey Survivors and welcome to the new weekly news!


Bug fixing work continues:

  • Fixed rags 0 durability on item cut.
  • Fixed bottle was not refilling.
  • Fixed issue when crate had reduced slots amount.
  • Fixed issue when garbage wasn’t appearing in the inventory.
  • Fixed crash after double-clicking the rock.
  • Fixed bug when the character was reset to default customization params after death.
  • Ris adapter camera fixed.
  • Fixed inventory duplication on character switch
  • Fixed crouch pose with an equipped melee weapon.
  • Fixed crate inventory window not closing when the player uses items from the crate.
  • Fixed inventory slots 8,9,0 now they are working as expected



Eating animation added
Healing animation added


Added collision for construction fences.
Added collision for railway sections.


Design team continues their work on the map improvements. We added a big river to the world.

Release date postponement

Unfortunately, we are forced to postpone the release date due to the Covid situation within our working staff. Everyone is alive, thank God, the new update will be released on 19 of November.

Thanks all of you for the support and hope to see you next week!