Weekly news #48

Nov 10, 2020


Bug fixing work continues:

  • Fixed widget for game options.
  • Fixed mouse arrow, now it is not disappearing after returning from game options.
  • Fixed item dupe on player corpse looting.
  • Fixed icon for 1911.
  • Fixed hole in a tunnel near sewerage.


Stream cancelation

We apologize for the stream cancelation, unfortunately, new features takes much more time than we imagined. Thanks for understanding, we will keep you updated.


Currently, we are reworking our loot system.
Also, was added more loot spawners to the:

  • Small River camp
  • Tunnel near Rail station
  • Goldton Farm
  • WorkShop



The work on the animations continues. We added drink animation for drinkable items. Also, we almost finished the prone animations.


We are still updating our UI:

  • Added invalid states for crafted items, if things cannot be equipped it won’t show the equip button.
  • Added squad members infoboxes to the main HUD.

The notification message now shows above other messages.
Radial menu has been updated.

This is it for this week, and again, sorry for the stream cancelation!
Stream is Canceled for now but not for later 🙂