Weekly News #46

Oct 14, 2020

Hello Survivors and welcome to the Weekly News
We are close to the public release!


Bug fixing work continues

Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed player num in the server browser.
  • Fixed version in the server browser.
  • Fixed ping in the server browser.
  • Fixed the wrong height of the Landscape that was causing the character to fly.
  • Minor landscape and collision fixes



We’ve added location-based VoIP to the game, so now you will be able to communicate to other players using voice.


We added a time multiplier for server options.


In order to optimize the game, we were working on navigation changes for the NPCs.

New lighting and sky

This week we were mostly working on world lighting and now it looks much better. Also, we added a new Skybox.

Thanks for your support! And hope you enjoy it!
Also, this month we will make a Live from the current Version of the game with the dev team!
The Live will be on Twitch and Maybe steam at the same time.