Weekly News #45

Oct 8, 2020

Hello Survivors and Welcome to the new Weekly news


Bug fixing work continues
Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed world saves, now time and weather are saving both in single and multiplayer.
  • Fixed hole under the road near the Construction site.
  • Fixed flying tree at Rail Station.
  • Fixed flying rocks near Radar station.
  • Fixed an issue when weapons stayed on the back after unequipped or changed.
  • Fixed an issue when the weapon was changing module sizes after reload.



We were mostly working on the character animations and all the related stuff. Also, we’ve fixed the Skeletal mesh of the character.


Regarding the changes in swimming animations, we’ve changed the water physics and underwater graphic effects.


Added squad members icons on the map. Now You will be able to see your teammates on the map.
It will help you to cooperate with your friends.

This is it for this week and thanks for all your support!
This month we will make a LIVE on twitch and Steam to present you the new patch 0.5 before the release! if you want to take a look, you are all welcome to ask questions and talk with devs.

See you Next Week