Weekly News #44

Sep 26, 2020

Hello Survivors and Welcome to the 44th weekly news! The time goes fast!
Let’s go—>


Bug fixing work continues

Fixed bugs are related to
  • Inventory icon rotation.
  • Weapon projectile replication.
  • Strange lights effects at the police station.
  • Fixed issue when there was no waste product after using food or water.
  • Fixed inventory bug with moving objects between each other
  • Fixed water duplication near neighborhoods.
  • Fixed issue when the player was able to use items multiply times



We are working on animations for our characters, currently the prone animations was added.


Some changes to the weapon-related issues were made, such as:

  • SCAR AIM sight fixed.
  • AK AIM sight fixed.
  • 1911 fire rate was increased.
  • Weapon damage overhaul.
  • Ricochet was added to SCAR, 1911, VAL.
  • And other small changes.



The design team continues their work on map improvements.

This is it for this week and like always thanks for your support !
Special thanks to Amme for all the help he gives on testing!