Weekly News #42

Sep 13, 2020

Hello Survivors,
Welcome for the new weekly news.
let’s start


Bug fixing work continues
Fixed bugs are related to

  • server-side of inventory management.
  • some localization bugs.
  • sound disappearing.
  • missing landscape material.
  • physics of some objects. Now when you drop it from inventory it behaves correctly.



We’ve added visual and audio effects for fatigue and overexertion during long runs.
Now with a strong decrease in stamina, the screen gets darker and the character experiences a strong heartbeat and shortness of breath.


  • There is now a new faction in the Lost Region for the players.
  • Now the character starts as neutral.
  • We are adding new emblems and some other cool stuff for this faction.



The work on the character customization is still in progress, currently we are working on beards and hairstyles.

This is it for the weekly news, hope you like it.
thanks for your support and we see you next week.