Weekly News #41

Sep 13, 2020

Hello Survivors and welcome for this weekly news
Today it’s a special one and we need some extra testers before making the patch public.
Here we go

Testing reports

  • We are grateful for all the hard work that is done and continues to perform, testers are helping us to get more of the features done for a shorter period of time, besides the bugs they are finding.
  • Special thanks to amme he is helping a lot, really appreciated.
  • Currently, we are testing all the features in the MP session, this will help us to avoid the unexpected bugs.
  • Not a secret that games work differently in single-player and multiplayer.


Server browser and servers

  • We are working to make the server browser more UI friendly.
  • And our developers are currently working on implementing the possibility for players to create their own server.
  • We are currently negotiating with our partners regarding server rent.


Upcoming features

  • A lot of work has been done, yet a lot of work is still ahead.
  • Right now we are working on making the game world more alive.
  • With patch the game will become more of a survival RPG, in which most of your actions will have consequences for the players.
  • Yet, the world will not just become alive, it will also become more dangerous, that’s why you’ll need to cooperate with your friends to survive.
  • Players will also be able to set traps to catch other players or patrolling scouts (NPC) of other factions.
  • Also, players will be able to master their skills of survival and killing, to become even more dangerous to their foes.



  • Besides all the above stated, we are working on LORE of the game, new factions with custom bonuses are coming to expand the game universe.
  • Player will need to decide which faction he is supporting.
  • He can also become an enemy to them all, which we do not recommend but surely will love to see.

This is it for the weekly news.