Weekly news #33

Jul 9, 2020

Hello Survivors and welcome for a new weekly news!


  • Currently, we are working on character skills.
  • The players will be able to level up their characters and choose perks.
  • (This is not the final version)

Bug fixes

  • This week, testers began their work and at the moment we are fixing all the bugs practically in real-time.



  • As always, work on the map improvement continues.
  • Design team have started working on the new location.

Don’t forget all what we show here is only in the development and Dev build for testers! not public.
The current version you have is the older one, this one we show is the completely reworked game.
All us testers are now busy to test the News build, when all the big issues are fixed we will make it public!

Have a nice day and see you next week!