Weekly News #31

Jun 30, 2020

Hello Survivors,
I’m Back to show you some updates on the development progress.


  • Inventory was fully re-worked, now different types of loot take a different amount of inventory cells and now you can rotate all of the stuff in your inventory, this makes inventory management more efficient.


  • Now you will need to monitor your сampfire and other fire sources, now they require fuel.
  • Without the fuel in it, you will not be able to cook food or boil water.


  • Work on the new skills panel will take a bit more time so it’s still in progress.
  • Weapon

  • Most of the weapon was rebalanced, the damage was increased and spread is reduced.


  • As always, work on the map improvement continues.
  • Also work on the first fire lookout is over, we plan to add a few more towers like this over the map.

    This is it for this week!
    Thanks for your activity and support! See you next week.