Weekly News #28

Jun 4, 2020

Hello Survivors and welcome back for a new weekly news!
Sorry for the delay!


  • We got rid of the duplication of clothes in the players’ inventory when you re-enter the game.
  • We also performed work on the inventory code so in the future it will be easier to identify and fix these issues.


Landscape Splines

  • All road splines were moved to their levels and now they don’t cause the loading of wrong levels while players are close to them.


Small fixes

  • Collision that was blocking the boxes and did not allow the player to loot was fixed.
  • The landscape had too sharp corners in some places around the map was also fixed.
  • Fixed loading at the start, now players won’t fall under the map after first loading in the world.



  • The design team continues their work on the map improvements.


    This is it for this week, Dev team is working hard everyday on it!
    Thanks to them!

    I hope you enjoy the news and see you next week!