Dec 31, 2018

Happy New 2019 Year!

This year we made a lot of progress in development of Lost Region. First of all thanks to all  of You who supports us, this really helps in our development, helps us to stay motivated and continue working and for helping us with your ideas and testing of the game.
Here is the list of features we are working on at the moment.


  • As we are finalizing dedicated server development, we are preparing master servers for 4 regions. Server for North America will be located in Ohio US, for South America in Sao Paulo Brazil, for Europe in Frankfurt DE and for Asia and Pacific in Seoul.


  • Finally we are started working on main NPC bases for 2 main factions, Sentinel Alliance, located at Air Port and at “Grant” Dam, former army, all of them will be equipped with M15, M16 and SCAR rifles, and Dominion  located at Peach Trees prison, all will have different types of AK rifles and crafted melee weapon.


  • Currently we are generating HLOD proxy meshes for Lost Region, this will optimize game a lot with merging whole locations into 1 single mesh and by simplifying it, we expect that this will give +10-15 extra FPS on older machines.

Thanks To All Of You!
And a Happy New Year!
Farom Studio Team