Lost Region Plans

May 1, 2018

Hello, this is Denis from Farom Studio Team.

Thanks to our users, at the early stages of the alpha we realized that the game requires a lot of changes. Most of the code was rewritten, we made a completely new map and new interface. Also, the character and his animations were changed. Many new locations, interactive objects and weapons were added to the game. This rework allow us release updates and bugfixes more often and effective. Currently, we are testing and debugging сraft system. After this step, it will be easier to add new and improve this system. In the nearest updates, we will add animals to the game, such as bears, wolfs, deers and others. Players will have to fight with them, avoid and hunt them. We plan to add new functional, buff system, diseases, locations, clothing and weapons to the game, also there will be more craft items and groups of enemies. We are very grateful to our community, for their support and assistance in the development. Screenshots of new world locations and upcoming animals update are available here.

Denis Fiyurskiy
COO Farom Studio Team