Lost Region Development Update 17 Apr

Apr 17, 2018

Hello everyone
Update was released at Friday 13 and here is information about the changes.

New map
The map was fully changed and reworked.
New locations have been added to the world.

Craft system
Now you can craft some basic stuff to survive. In future updates there will be more crafting things.
At the moment we want to get more feedback about the crafting system to make it better.

New weapon
We added new weapons to the game, such as saiga, M16, Val and others.
Also, new animations and effects for weapons were added.

Mini map of the world is added. Now it will be easier to navigate in the game world.

Characters animations was redesigned. But we are still working on them, improving and making new ones

New interface
–°haracter interface and crafting window has been completely redesigned.

–°haracter clothing
Character’s clothing has been added.
Currently there is a small list of clothes, but we will add new clothes in future releases.

Interactive flora
Interactive bushes, rocks and mushrooms added to world, now you can gather resources not only from crates and shelves.

Nine recipes added to campfire cooking list.


Farom Studio Team