Lost Region New Year Development Update

Dec 31, 2017

Happy New 2018 Year!

More than 7k people have pledged our project, and our community keeps growing. First of all thanks to all of our users who help us to bring new features and fix bugs, and who continue to support us during development.
Next year we plan to publish project at Steam and launch public servers.

We spend a lot of time updating our project, and we have some news that we want to share with you.


  • Now our world has new suburban area, from this moment we begin to work on main city of game world.
  • Currently we finalizing supermarket location, screenshots will be published soon.


  • We keep working on new animations, in future all characters will have interaction animations with pickup items, doors, switches, valves, etc.
  • New movement animations are already implemented, we moved from Mixamo free set to new assets.


  • Inventory now moved to components, instead of being a part of character. This component will only update on server, so if user will be disconnected during looting, all the items that was looted will keep in player’s inventory after reconnection. 


  • We are finalizing implementation of the latest NVidia GameWorks features to our custom Unreal Engine build.
    Starting from next update our project will include such technologies as HairWorks, HBAO+ and VXGI(Voxel based global illumination).
  • Some video examples of how VXGI work:




Some screenshots from upcoming map updates(click opens full size image).

ScreenShot00000 ScreenShot00001 ScreenShot00006 ScreenShot00007 ScreenShot00008 ScreenShot00009