Nov 15, 2017

Hi All!

Some news about game updates.


Today our team finished with skeletal mesh updates, so soon we will be able to push new animations to live.
Also this will bring morph targeting to our skeletal meshes, so character customization will be available soon.
Cover system is now under development, as now we may use new animations for our characters.


Also migration to new backend service is finished, and save system will work as expected with next update.
Migration to 4.18 is almost finished too. So next update will be powered by updated Unreal Engine version.


As our team currently focused on animations migration, world updates will be published from next week, our pre-public testers found some bugs at locations, plus we will add furniture to buildings.
Additional buildings will be added to current world little bit later.
Also we decided change door mechanics, doors will open by pressing “E”(Use) button, instead on pushing by character collision.

Farom Studio Team