Nov 6, 2017

Hi All!


There was no public patches last week, as currently we are focused on new map build. Our closed testers are already testing brand new map, we choose new type landscape. Now our world is placed in snowy mountains.


Also, as we started with closed map tests, our team is now focused on new animations, as there was too many requests from users about animations. With new anim packs, we plan to bring more idle animations for NPC characters, and more interaction animations. Cover system will be developed with new anims also.
We will post gif animations in weekly updates, with new anims included.


We still migrating our project to new Backend service, which will help us to handle player’s inventories, make player to player trading system, and missions created by players.
Also our team decided, that game will have full mod support, mod support will be added with full game release.


We are working on craft class systems, so we will bring craft system back as we done with branches. Currently we decided to add such craft branches(each of them will have some subbranches) :

  • Chemist
  • Builder
  • Gunner
  • Armor Master
  • Engineer

Below you may see some new in-editor screenshots of upcoming map update.
ScreenShot00007 ScreenShot00008 ScreenShot00010
Screenshots original files:
Screenshot 01
Screenshot 02
Screenshot 03


Thank You!
Farom Studio Team