Sep 30, 2017

Hi All!

Sorry for delay, we was busy working with AI whiche we plan to release next week. Here is the new weekly update about our patches.

This week patches:

  • Project finally moved from Unreal Engine 4.16 to Unreal Engine 4.17, all new engine versions bring us more optimization, and critical bug fixes.

  • Unreal Engine was updated from 4.17.1 to 4.17.2.
  • Server list now fixed, it displays Host Name as server name, ping now working as expected.
  • Default number of players is now set to 10.
  • NetCode fixes for both, client and server. We moving project to new backend service.

  • Missing item info panel at inventory now working. Players are now able to use items from inventory.
  • Two new food items was added, apple and potato chips.

Currently our team is working on map updates, and soon we plan to bring AI enemies back, as we still updating Backend service we updating factions system. When new backend service will be implemented, we will add AI back, as without any  faction system AI don’t know who is enemy and who is friend.


Farom Studio Team