Lost Region Weekly #2

Sep 22, 2017

Hi All!

Here is the new weekly update about our patches.

This week patches:

  • New soda was added. Item should appear at food crates with normal rarity.
  • Fixed food and water bug, when there was no impact on stats after item use.
  • Stats (satiety and thirst) are working properly now

  • Food removal fixed. Item now dissapear after use.

  • Some bugs on sky blueprint. Now they are does not impact on FPS, causing huge FPS drops after 5 minutes of play.

  • Some fixes that increase multiplayer client load time. Now players should connect to host faster.
  • nVidia Ansel plugin support added.

Version still require some bugfixes so we decided to move it’s release date, will be live on Sep 29.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your support and bug reports.

Farom Studio Team.