Lost Region 0.1.0 Update

Jun 19, 2017

Hi All!

Today we are going to announce upcoming update for Lost Region and here is some features from upcoming updates.

New sea locations – as main territory of our game is an island we began to work with ocean. In new updates we will add seashore and underwater locations.


Burkers and caves – also in this release we will add some bunkers and caves to our main location, this will allow players to make ambushes and find short path.

Battle Royal – as many of users request, we are starting to implement Battle Royal mode to the game. It will not require any additional DLC, select the mode and start.
Full Battle Royal mode will be available closer to Steam release.

Weapon inventory – we finished development of weapon inventory, now you will be able to equip and unequip weapons. Characters have 4 slots, 2 main for long weapons, like rifles, shotguns or axes, one for firearm weapon and knife slot.

Free camera – also true free camera is available in upcoming patch. We added side switch functionality to camera, so you will be able to choose left or right shoulder of character.

Backpack – from now backpack is not available by default, it will increase characters maximum carry weight depending on backpack type.

Bugfixes – we receive almost 100 of bug reports and bugfix took 90% of time that we spend on this patch development. Thanks to all who send us bug reports, you help us to make Lost Region better.

More features will be shown when patch will be released at steam.

For those who is asking, where to buy the game, here is the link: https://faromstudio.com/?page_id=317

Farom Studio Team