Lost Region update 0.0.1c

Apr 11, 2017

Today we uploaded update 0.0.1c which fix crash at startup bug.

What been fixed:
– Crash on startup.
– Removed VR support, HTC Vive was thinking that this is VR process.
– Updated safe fall distance.
– Updated ammo textures.
– All weapons now use proper ammo types.
– Fixed missing footstep sounds.

Known issues in current version:

– NPCs at sentinels outpost alpha may sometimes be not friendly for player.
– Loading screen not showing sometimes.

– Resolution list may work not as expected. Use console instead(Button “~”) with command r.SetRes {Resolution Width}x{Resolution Height}f . For example r.SetRes 1920x1080f .
– May crash on starting quest.
– Ugly death animation and ragdoll, problem is in characters bones, already fixing.
– Death message may sometime stay after respawn.
– Enemies still moving to same patrol point.

Some features are still cut from version as they causing crash on application startup and expect to be added within one-two month.
Please remember that the game is at very early stage. We are working as fast as 4 people can.

Thank You,
Farom Studio Team.