Lost Region Alpha Test

Apr 7, 2017


Today we uploaded game to steam, and found that some parts of it working not as expected in release build.
Currently we are fixing bug with not replicated damage over the network(this is really critical issue).
As we done game will update and you will be able to start.

Thanks for patience we will inform you when critical bugs are gone. And remember this is closed alpha, so inform us about all the bugs you found.

Some game modules are cut from current builds and will be available within one month. That modules are building and crafting,  some problems with placing and resources in craft.

Quests will be available at start and we will update them 3 times per week. All quests are currently available on NPC faction bases and there is 4 types of quests today:
Protection – protect the outpost from enemy raids, other players can either join protecting player or join attacking NPCs.
Raid – elimination of enemy officer and optional his guards, they are NPCs, mission can be done 2 ways, by rushing or in stealth.
Exploration – simply go and exlpore area.
Gathering – find resources that quest giving NPC is request.

We will expand game area as we finish with all parts of the world. Currently main town is unavailable as we optimizing it.

Farom Studio Team.