Weekly News #180

May 26, 2023

The week is over! Time for news!

Airport progress

Airport heart of the Sentinel Alliance. As you remember we’ve been working on it for the past few weeks. The work is still in progress, it is a big location and more over this location is the home of a major faction. Our goal is to create a city inside the airport. Around the airport, there will be a zone that can be looted, but be careful with shooting. With sentinel snipers guarding the area, they might think You have bad ideas regarding their safe place. Also, remember that if you are not in a good relationship with Sentinel Alliance better stay out of their snipers’ vision, they might recognize you as a threat.
Check out some models that were made for the airport: linkedin facebook

QA round

We are running another QA run. And we wanted to tell about bugs that have the potential to become features. In short, there was a bug that allows you to take another player gun from his hands. As a bug, it was possible just by pressing the pick-up button. The bug was reported, however instead of just fixing it (currently it is fixed) a new task was created to create a mini-game between two players. The player who initiates the mini-game has a chance to be knocked and as a result, shot at a close distance, however, if he will win, he will take the other player gun. That is how bugs could become a potential feature, game development is full of surprises.

Hope this weekend would awesome! Cya guys next week! 😉