Weekly News #179

May 19, 2023

Another week is done, here are some updates!

So what about the ladder

A small update that we finally had time to make is the possibility of climbing the ladders. We’ve been working on several new ladders in terms of 3D modeling and finally got a chance to add this small but crucial feature. It opens more locations and adds a tactical aspect as well. Now some of You will be able to say, “It’s over I have a high ground.”. Of course, while you are climbing, you are exposed, but we are working to fix this injustice. You will be able to aim and shoot while you are climbing, which still leaves you exposed to the enemy, but gives you a chance to shoot your way through the ladder.
We are actually planning to add more options for player movement, small slides from the hills, rolling, and so on. Transporting is also another thing that we are currently working on. And in combination with more player movement options, there will be some awesome moments, which we will show in time.

Surrender or die, or maybe run

We’ve been reworking animal AI, but it would be unfair if animal AI were smarter than human AI. The small addition that human AI will face is the surrendering option and run option. Basically, if you and your friends are outnumbering the AI, it can consider running rather than dying. If you are willing to shoot a poor NPC in the back, it’s your choice, nobody will blame you. Another small addition is if you are sneaking to NPC and aiming at it, you will be able to make them surrender and give whatever you can take from them, of course, nobody insists on actually sparing the NPC’s life. But yet again, like with shooting at the back, the choice is yours.
We are also planning to add an option of player surrender option, we do know that players aren’t those people who surrender often, but having such an option may be handy for some people. In any case, we will enhance the AI further on.

As always, have a great weekend, and see ya guys next week! 😉