Weekly News #178

May 12, 2023

One week one blog, that is the deal! 😉

More trucks

You may remember that in one of the previous weekly rounds, we were implementing the wheels blowing of the large trucks. It is a tactical move that will allow to stun the enemy, create a distraction or scare the animals. We are planning to make trucks more than just interior or loot containers. Right now we are increasing the variability of trucks, then we will differ their functionality in terms of loot and tactical usage. Moreover, trucks will be like a fortress once a faction or player upgrades it to such a truck. We will share more details once we have an MVP of such functionality, it will come with a new game mode with high stakes high reward mood. If you want to see new trucks that have been made do visit our social pages.



Animal fear

You might noticed that most of the animals are very aggressive and once you shoot them they will try to avenge the damage. We’ve been reworking AI to make animals more realistic, when they are starving they will be more aggressive, however, if you are able to give them some food that this type of animal can and want to eat, player will be able to get rid of animals without a direct fight. This could be a “bribe” with food, fire, or a very noisy sound that scares the crap out of the animal. So all of the news we are posting are connected to each other. This new animal behavior not only will increase the emersion but also increase the animals’ survivability, it would be slightly harder to hunt them down.

It becomes warmer, so have a sunny weekend! 🙂