Weekly News #177

May 5, 2023

Warning Weekly News. WWN!

Complete rework of the airport

You might remember the location airport, it was Sentinel Alliance HQ. We’ve started reworking or it would be better to say remaking the airport, it becomes bigger and more complex. Previously the airport was just a bunch of containers and a runway strip, now it will have a lot of buildings to scavenge around and a lot of good positions to scavenge the scavenger. We are working not only on the airport but on Cobra HQ as well, as you might remember cobra HQ is a prison. But in this weekly news, we will be discussing only the airport. The airport itself, as it was mentioned, is the heart of the sentinel alliance, they’ve managed to take control of the only operational supply hub in the region. As a result, they’ve got a lot of supplies and non-functional airplanes. The airplanes will be used as buildings as well, in some cases as storage. Previously around the airport, there were no locations or points of interest, now there will be places to hide, scavenge or place a trap. However, the territory itself is guarded by a sentinel alliance so if you are a cobra follower it might be not a great idea to hang out there. We have a lot of work to do still with both the airport and prison, we will share more detail in upcoming weeklies.
If you want to see some screenshots visit our social pages.



Friends and foes system

We are working on a friend system, which is pretty normal for any social game where you can party with other players and create a clan, or in our case PMC. The friend system is easy as it sounds, you can add another player to friend list, he can accept the friend request and now you will be able to cooperate more easily in the game. The foe system is something opposite. If there is a player who constantly annoys you by killing you on the raids or stealing something from you. You can add this player to the foe list, and by paying some amount of money you will be able to get additional information about this player’s mercenary and get some revenge or ways to dodge this player.

We wish you a great weekend and hope to cya guys next week! 😉