Weekly News #176

Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to the weekly news blog, on to the news!

A little about asset progress

We were told previously that we are reworking all of the assets. We’ve started from small assets such as road signs moving to the whole buildings and roads. To answer some questions about why it can take a long time. First of all, we’ve changed the game time frame, which forced us to modernize some of the assets and get rid of the others. The buildings are not so crucial since the buildings themselves are standing on the ground and completing their objectives for a long time, but the inner assets should match the time frame, and these assets are consuming a lot of time.
We wanted to show some of the work that has been done. Check out the assets on our social pages.

QA time

And yet again, some major features have been implemented we need to launch a round of QA for the LR to get rid of annoying bugs that could be present. During this period, we are not really implementing anything new globally, just small features that do not affect the testing area of work. The Unreal Engine tools are very helpful during this stage of development. Tools like Profiler allows us to optimize the load and overall FPS stability, for example. We are also doing a small check to find out if we are on the right track if the game is fun to play, if it is infesting to explore, and how difficult it is to get good in the game. Once one if these questions are answered as NO or Pretty hard, we are watching what we need to change in order to turn the answer around to Yes.

Have a great weekend ya’ll, and cya guys next week! 😉