Weekly News #175

Apr 21, 2023

Welcome back to another weekly news round!

Multi-Level Raids

As You already know, raiding is one of the most exciting and profitable activities in the game. With this new update, we wanted to make it more challenging.

So, how do these multi-level raids work? Well, each raid is divided into several stages, and players must complete each stage to progress to the next level. After finishing each stage of the raid, players will be presented with a choice: continue to the next stage or finish the raid and collect the loot they’ve acquired so far. If players choose to continue, they’ll be grouped with other players who have made the same choice and continue to the next stage. However, if players in a squad make different choices, the squad will disband, and those who want to continue will be grouped with other players in the group finder. This ensures that players who are committed to completing the raid can do so without being held back by those who aren’t. The final stage of each multi-level raid will be the most difficult but also the most rewarding. Players will have to decide whether to risk everything and continue or play it safe and collect the loot they’ve earned so far. This decision will be a tough one, but it’s what makes these raids so exciting. If you’re looking to earn the most juicy loot in Lost Region, multi-level raids are the way to go. With each level you complete, the rewards become greater, so if you’re up for the challenge, you could walk away with some seriously valuable items.
This is a part of PVE content that will allow players to farm and level up. We want to make the transition between PVP and PVE more smoothly, so such raids will help players to get good items and become more advance in terms of shooting. To unlock such a raid option, players would need to finish at least a couple of ordinary raids.

Major PMC contracts

As you might remember, PMC is a private military company that serves the role of clan in Lost Region. With the introduction of these major contracts, players now have a new opportunity to showcase the strength and capabilities of their clans. The contracts can be taken by the PMC that is strong enough to handle them, and upon completion, they will bring in significant profits for the entire clan. But that’s not all: the completion of these contracts will also change the reputation of the entire clan drastically. This means that every player involved in the completion of the contract will receive an increased reputation, making them more valuable assets for the clan in the future. The contracts will be assigned to every PMC member, and each member will have the option to participate or not. However, it’s important to note that the more members that participate, the higher the chances of success in completing the contract. Most of these contracts will involve fighting with the opposite faction, which will require the PMC members to work together and strategize to overcome the challenges. Apart from increasing reputation and profits, the completion of a major PMC contract will grant the clan access to unique faction items that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. These items are rare and valuable and can give the PMC a significant advantage over other clans in the game. Such a contract itself could have a simple task, like killing a certain amount of soldiers of the opposite faction, or something more complex, like capturing the key point of the map, such as a dam. Let it be clan wars.
Moreover, these contracts will mostly be used by factions to harm the opposite faction. Right now, we are talking about two major factions, while minor factions are in development. So eventually, the PMC will be one of the sides if it will accept these contracts, which want to ensure they will.

Good luck and have fun on the weekend! 😉