Weekly News #174

Apr 14, 2023

New news now! NNN!

Shooting sound rework

We are aiming for a more realistic and immersive experience when shooting, reloading, and hitting targets and improving player awareness of the surroundings. Rework of long-distance shooting sound will help players determine the shooter’s location more accurately. The new long-distance shooting sound will have a distinct echo and reverb effect, which will vary depending on the shooter’s location and terrain. This will enable players to identify the direction of the shot more easily and react accordingly. This change is expected to make gameplay more challenging and exciting, as players will need to use their senses and instincts to survive in the game. Another significant addition to Lost Region’s gun sounds is the effect of shooting inside concrete buildings or any structure that can reflect sound. It will apply the deafening effect that will last for a short period of time after firing a gun indoors. To avoid this, you might want to use silencers when shooting indoors.
Sound is an important part of any game, we want to make a sound as varied as the gameplay features in our game. And those players who are using sound as a tool would get a big advantage over the other players, especially over those players who ignore the sound at all. Also, we are planning to make a sound not only as a tool but as a weapon as well.


We’ve started a round of optimization to enhance the game’s FPS and load speed. As the game continues to add new levels, optimizing streaming becomes crucial to maintain stable FPS and providing a seamless gaming experience. Our goal is to ensure that Lost Region runs smoothly on a variety of devices and configurations. The optimization process involved streamlining the game’s code and reducing the load on the CPU and GPU. The optimization also ensures that the game will continue to run well as new content is added. Thanks to UE 5, it is much easier to optimize the game, and the performance has improved greatly thanks to the new game engine version.

Have a shiny weekend, folks! 😉