Weekly News #173

Apr 7, 2023

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Shooting the walls

The upgrade involves making some surfaces such as thin wood, glass, thin metal, and thin ceramic not bulletproof. This means that players will need to be more careful when choosing cover during battles. While players can still get some additional defense by getting behind thin wood, it will just reduce the damage. To be completely safe, it is better to find appropriate covers such as sandbags or really thick walls. In any case, the first goal should always be to look for something thick to hide behind.
Players will need to be strategic in their approach to combat and think carefully about their choices. The developers have also added new elements to the game, such as destructible environments, which means that players can now use their environment to their advantage. Note that gaps in defense are still going to be a problem, so if you are standing behind a thick wall and your foot is visible to your enemy, this foot is not in a safe position.
This update correlates with the damage update regarding armor, the so-called foot can be armored enough to not be very upset about someone shooting it. Picking is one of the most important things in shooting games, and now picking is more advanced.

Minor factions

When a player chooses a mercenary for a raid, they will need to return to the base to finish the mission. This can be done by either exiting the map using one of the four generated spots or by using a faction base as a safe transfer back home. While the faction exit is safer because of the faction guards, players still need to reach the faction base, and every player knows where the faction bases are located. So both options have their pros and cons. Players will need to be strategic and plan their route carefully to return to the base successfully. In the event that a player’s mercenary dies during the raid, they will still be able to retrieve the goods by sending another mercenary. However, retrieving the lost mercenary will depend on their condition and how long they have been missing. The chances of success will also depend on how the mercenary went missing, whether they were too exhausted or shot in the head. Players will need to be resourceful and use their survival skills to complete the raids and return to the base successfully.
Important note, don’t gamble on loot. If you’ve lost a mercenary and wanted to retrieve the goods by sending another one, and lost him as well, maybe it is time to stop wasting people.


We are leaving Twitter. There are several reasons, but most importantly, we do not like how Twitter, as a platform and company, is ruled by its heads. If you will see any Farom Studio on Twitter, it is 100% fake because, yet again, we are leaving Twitter. If the tides will change and we will consider returning to Twitter, we will announce it as well.