Weekly News #172

Mar 31, 2023

172 weekly news blog!

Sentinel Alliance HQ

The world of Lost Region is about to get a lot bigger. As we announced earlier, we would revisit the old levels, and the time has come, with a special focus on the airport, which was the Sentinel Alliance HQ base. The airport has been transformed into a small military city, complete with traders, auctions, and a lot of guards to keep the peace. The base will be a hub of activity where players can trade, restock supplies, and pick up new missions. Players can also expect to find unique weapons being traded by Sentinel Alliance traders. These weapons will be available only to those who have earned a good reputation with the faction.
Additionally, players will need to earn the trust of the faction to access certain areas of the base. The base is sprawling, with buildings and structures that range from sleek and modern to rusty and worn. The airport has a unique history, having been deconstructed for civilian and military needs. This history is reflected in the base’s layout, with plenty of aircraft parts and other salvaged materials repurposed for military use. We don’t recommend storming the base, it would end badly.
The next stage is to revisit the Cobra HQ and create a prison city that would be a stronghold for the faction with its own ecosystem inside the prison city. Even though prisons were created to contain dangerous specimens, it was also created to be self-sufficient, so you would see another military-boosted stronghold which we don’t recommend to the storm.

Minor factions

The map is primarily controlled by the two major factions, Sentinel Alliance and Cobra. Players will now have the opportunity to improve their reputation with smaller groups. Improving your reputation with minor factions will unlock new items and weapons to buy, as well as new perks. This will allow players to customize their gameplay experience and choose the faction that best aligns with their play style.
Minor factions will be a source of new missions and will be integrated into the larger faction ecosystem of Lost Region. Players will have to make choices about which factions they support, as improving their reputation with one may slightly improve or decrease their reputation with the major factions, depending on their allegiance. Minor factions won’t be able to control key points of the map like the major factions. They will be able to make life better or worse for those factions. This creates a dynamic and ever-changing environment where players will have to adapt to shifting alliances and power struggles.

As always, have a great weekend, and cya guys next week! 😉